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Joe Zee’s Top 5 Celebrity Fashion Moments

Canadian fashion stylist, journalist, and businessman Joe Zee highlights his top five all-time memorable celebrity looks from the red carpet. Which of these fashion moments do you remember best?




1. Cher (Oscars, 1986)

Joe loves this look because it was all about being outrageous and crazy. Cher wanted to push the boundaries, even if that meant making appearances on worst-dressed lists everywhere. Joe says today he misses this element of “cray cray” on the red carpet! The closest thing we’ll get to this today is Rihanna, but Joe says even her looks are so pared down in comparison to this classic from Cher.

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2. Gwyneth Paltrow (Oscars, 1999)

This look was the beginning of Gwyneth’s Grace Kelly moment, Joe says. She was such a shining star and an all-American girl in this outfit. While the newspapers hated this dress because it was so “saccharine,” Joe says Gwyneth made it work.”

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3. Sharon Stone (Oscars, 1998)

Joe recalls the story behind this look. Sharon said she pulled this button-down Gap shirt right out of her husband’s closet the night before because she didn’t like the dress she was going to wear. Joe said if he were her stylist at the time, he would have freaked out on her because “it was so unconventional, but what she did was start a trend. And here we are, still talking about it.”

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4. Julia Roberts (Oscars, 2001)

With this Julia Roberts look, Joe explains why it’s tough to repeat a memorable moment on the red carpet. “When it’s your evening and you win, it’s like your wedding night — you have this immediate glow and it’s hard to have a second wedding night.” But what he loves about this dress was that it was such a tasteful and strategic throwback. “I think it was one of the first times that a movie star wore vintage on the red carpet because the focus is usually all about being current. But they pulled this ‘60s dress out of the archives and really fitted it to her.”

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5. Björk (Oscars, 2001)

Joe sums up this memorable Björk dress in one word: nuts. He says with stars like her and Tilda Swinton, they like to get very experimental, instead of wearing that standard satin dress. While Joe wouldn’t quite pin this dress as ‘cutting edge’ he’d say it’s “definitely conversation-worthy.” Today, Joe says you’ll see this on stars like Emma Stone who has done a departure from the norm in her last two red carpet appearances.

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