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How to Clean Your Makeup


Your make-up can be a breeding ground for bacteria and more when you aren't cleaning them often. Here are some natural and easy ways to keep your brushes and powders squeaky clean so you can keep those germs at bay.


How to clean makeup brushes

1 cup natural dish soap
1 cup olive oil
4 cups water

Frequency: Must clean them atleast once a week

Mix all ingredients and dip/swirl brushes one at a time or together, depending on how dirty your brushes are.  You can also make one big mixture and use a little for different brushes. Rinse with warm then cold water, shake excess out a bit, and reshape brush. It's important to hang dry your brushes upside down.


How to clean lipsticks

3 tbsp of 80 per cent vodka
1 shot glass
Box of tissue

Frequency: During the winter clean every week; otherwise, once every two weeks or once a month

Turn your lipstick tube up slightly, and wipe off the top layer of lipstick, just with a tissue. Then, pour a small amount of 80 per cent vodka into a shot glass. Dip the exposed lipstick into the alcohol for 30 seconds. Then, remove it and gently dab the alcohol off and allow to dry. This is harmless to the lipstick and will keep it clean and in good shape.

Powders and Palettes

How to clean powders and palettes

1/2 cup of 80 per cent vodka
1/2 cup of water
Spritzer Bottle

Frequency: Must clean once every two months

Pour vodka and water into a small spray bottle. Spritz the mixture directly onto your makeup. Make sure you've sprayed enough to coat completely. Alcohol dries and evaporates quickly and will not damage your powders or creams. A few quick spritzes is all it takes to keep your powders and palettes germ free.

Lip Pencils/Eye Pencils

How to clean lip pencils and eye pencils


Frequency: Clean after every use

The simplest way to keep pencils clean is to sharpen them after each use. That way bacteria isn't growing on your pencils till your next use. You don't have to remove that many layers, just a couple quick twists will do.


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