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Hot Hair Makeovers


Three dramatic Dee Dagher hair makeovers that will leave you seeing red!

1. Untamed Tresses

Dilemma: Nettie, a busy natural-food chef, hadn't had the time nor the inclination to touch her hair in the last—wait for it—25 years!

Nettie's hair before and after.

Solution: Nettie's wild mane totally overpowered all of her features. Dee took off an impressive eight inches to give her a more sophisticated style. A few caramel highlights added dimension and completed the transformation. Tip: When working with big, unruly hair, use an oil to smooth the frizz.

2. Personality Disorder

Dilemma: Over the years, Trae's hair had run the style gamut (once, she even shaved it all off!), but these days, she thought it more boring than bold.

Trae's hair before and after.

Solution: Trae's blonde highlights and shapeless cut just weren't doing her personality any justice. Dee gave her a sharp bob with a strong fringe à la Bettie Page and took her colour from blonde to brunette with subtle honey highlights for a look that's edgy and fun just like Trae! Tip: Use a flat iron to smooth your fringe and remove any volume. A fringe like Trae's is meant to be worn flat and straight.

3. Hometown Hero

Dilemma: Lindsay has been on the S&C design team for the last ten years—and she's been wearing her hair in a bun the entire time!

Lindsay's hair before and after.

Solution: Lindsay's beautiful porcelain skin was blending into her blonde hair. To emphasize her face and bring our her eyes, Dee deepened her hair colour to a rich reddish brown. Her new blunt cut made her hair look thicker, while still keeping it easy to maintain. Tip: For fine hair, use a volumizing mousse to add density and long-lasting hold. Apply mousse to the hair while it's still wet and blow-dry your hair upside down.


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