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Hollywood Makeovers: Sienna Miller and Kerry Washington


Two lucky viewers got dramatic Hollywood makeovers from celebrity hair stylist Kristjan Hayden and style expert Afiya Francisco. Check out their head-to-toe transformations and some tips on what to keep in mind if you want to jazz up your own look!

Two lucky viewers got stunning Hollywood makeovers

Tips when using a celebrity photo as your style inspiration:

  • Try to pick a celebrity with a face shape and hair texture similar to yours.
  • Don't expect to recreate the exact look or outfit — it's about using a celebrity as inspiration then translating it into your own unique style.

Sienna Miller

English actress Sienna Miller is known for her feminine yet edgy and glamorous street style, especially after trading in her long, blonde locks for a short, wavy bob. Similarly, our viewer Shannon had gotten used to hiding behind her long hair but was finally ready to make a drastic change!

Sienna Miller makeover
(Photo courtesy Just Jared)

Why this hairstyle works:

  • Going for a razor-texturized haircut can make your everyday styling a breeze! That messy-glam look is easy to maintain, especially for busy moms like Shannon.
  • If you have a warmer complexion like Shannon, make sure to get a tone of warm blonde that works best with your skin tone.

Why this outfit works:

  • The chevron pattern in the blouse, the lines in the skirt, and the fabrics are very flattering.
  • When you have a monochromatic colour scheme, it makes pairing patterns and stripes much more cohesive.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington often rocks bold colours when she makes appearances. Her style was great inspiration for Romessa, who wanted a new look to best express her playful personality. 

Kerry Washington makeover
(Photo courtesy Mike Coppola / Getty Images for IMG)

Why this hairstyle works:

  • To add instant lift, bounce, and body to your hair, consider giving it a hefty snip. Cropping off around eight inches can make your hair go from looking heavy and dragged down to light and fun.
  • Bangs are a great way to frame your eyes and make them pop.
  • Soft highlights throughout (in this case caramel-toned) can give your hair that extra depth, texture, and life.

Why this outfit works:

  • Don't be afraid to have fun with colour! A bright lip and a bright dress can work well together.


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