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Holiday Makeovers


The holidays are the time we want shine and look our best. Here our makeover team Kristjan and Jessica take three deserving women and gget them glammed up for the holidays.

All three lucky ladies were generously gifted their dresses from Joseph Ribkoff

Debbie is a happily married, stay at home mom of 2. Her husband works in Afghanistan fixing airplanes, and is gone for long periods of time. Debbie is turning 40 in January, and has been working hard at the gym. She's had the same hair cut for 10 years and is open to change to bring in her 40's.

Holiday Makeovers

Marney is a huge Steven and Chris fan. She is turning 50 on December 20th and in preparation for this milestone birthday she's been working out at the gym with a trainer three times a week. She's lost a considerable amount of weight and is excited to show it off for the holidays.


Debby is a single mom who has raised a wonderful son who has struggled with disabilities growing up. All is good now and Debby can now focus on herself a little! She's going back to school to get a fresh start in the workplace and wants to look and feel great about herself. She's come to Steven and Chris' makeover team to help her out!

Holiday Makeovers


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