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Holiday Hair Makeovers


The holidays are all about reconnecting with family and friends, so what better time to debut a brand new look? Dee Dagher helped some of our Facebook fans do just that with three hot-for-the-holidays hair makeovers!

1. The DIYer

Dilemma: Wendy was an admitted self-cutter (and dyer!) with committment issues in the bang department.

Solution: Exaggerated bangs and easy-to-maintain long layers.

2. The Corporate Climber

Dilemma: Jenny was sick of being mistaken for an intern around the office, despite her years of experience, and needed a change to help her command the respect she deserves.

Above, at right: headband, Fashion Crimes.

Solution: Colour to pump up the volume by adding visual dimension and swelling the hair folicles.

3. The Ponytail Ranger

Dilemma: Tina traded in her suits for sweats to take care of her new little boy but didn't want her former colleagues to think she'd given up on her looks at the company Christmas party.

Solution: A trendy mid-length 'do that's easy to do!


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