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Hair with Flair


Hairstylist Dee Dagher shares three fun, easy ways to add some flair to your hair—just like the celebs!


Above: Beyoncé (CP Images); Selena Gomez (Getty Images); and Avril Lavigne (Reuters).

Beyoncé's Bling

Hair Bling is a great way to temporarily add some sparkle to your hair for a special occasion. The strands are made from silk and tied onto your hair with a slipknot. $10 for 150 strands

Tip: This look is all about understated sparkle, so remember: A few strands go a long way! Add a dot of glue as you knot the hair tinsel for long-lasting hold (up to four weeks!).

(A special thanks to London Hair Studio and Fusion Hair Studio for providing the hair bling for this segment on the show.)

Selena's Sexy Feathers

No longer just for the boho set, this look is perfect for anyone looking to have some casual fun with their hair. Attaching the feathers is best left to the pros, who have the proper tools and know-how to do the job. From $10 to 25 per feather, depending on size.

Tip: Once the feathers are in place, don't be afraid to work with them. They can be washed and styled just like real hair. You can even curl them!

Avril's Ombré Locks

Hair colour is nothing new. What is new is how easy it is to put on and take off! Kevin Murphy's new Color.Bug is like makeup for your hair. Add vibrant highlights in just a few swipes with no committment: The colour shampoos right out! $32, available in pink, purple and orange.

Tip: We've heard the term used over and over again in fashion and design, and now ombré has gone to our heads...literally. Concentrate colour at the tips of your hair and let it slowly fade as it approaches your roots.


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