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Hair Do-Overs


Hairstylist Dee Dagher has done it again with three transformations that prove that you don't need to be desperate to benefit from a dramatic makeover!

1. Seeing Red

Dilemma: Daisy loved the look of long hair, but hated taking care of it!


Solution: Dee kept Daisy's hair long enough to still pull back in a ponytail. Her versatile new shoulder-length cut and long layers give her the option of wearing her hair straight or curly.

2. Cropped Curls

Dilemma: Tracy is a chef and always has to wear her hair in a ponytail. She really wanted to show off her curls, but without the frizz.


Solution: Dee revived Tracy's hair and gave it some megawatt shine with overall colour. She also took off about five inches of length and added loose layers to bring back the bounce in Tracy's curls.

3. Pixie Perfect

Dilemma: Hannah has a busy life and wanted easygoing hair.


Solution: Dee took one look at Hannah's cheekbones and knew a pixie cut was the way to go. This style couldn't be easier to maintain: Simply rub a pea-sized amount of paste through your hair and you're good to go! Tip: If you're going to go super short, keep a bit of length through the front for a soft and feminine look.


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