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Your Hair Dilemmas: Solved!


From a drab shag to a frizzy 'fro, Dee Dagher solves three desperate viewers' hair dilemmas.

1. Quantity, Not Quality

Dilemma: Sheila has lots of hair, which ranges from straight to wavy to curly, and no idea what to do with it all!


Solution: Ombré. Dee lightened the ends of Shelia's hair for a natural sun-kissed effect, which also makes it easier for Sheila to maintain her new colour. Tip: Blonds, use a blue shampoo once a week to eliminate any brassiness caused by environmental stressors (e.g. water).

2. Stuck in a Rut

Dilemma: As Fallon explained, "My hair has been the same for the last ten years. I always wear it in a bun or ponytail because it just looks so flat and lifeless. Please help!"


Solution: Sleek bob. Styling her long hair was Fallon's biggest problem, so Dee gave her a fuss-free look with lots of impact. She also lightened Fallon's dark hair a touch with caramel highlights to soften her features and bring out her eyes. Tip: Dry your fringe before the rest of your hair. If it air-dries on it's own, it will be more difficult to coax into the right shape.

3. Curl Catastrophe

Dilemma: Sophia and her trusty flatiron wage battle against her natural wave daily, which has left her hair dry and frizzy.


Solution: Encourage the curl. Dee opted to play up Sophia's natural curl by taking four inches off the length and using a curling iron to enhance her waves. Tip: Use a curling creme instead of mousse or gel for a softer, more natural-looking curl.


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