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Genny’s Slimming Fashion Secrets

Unintentionally, we may be adding five, 10, even 15 pounds of visual weight to our body just with the clothes we're wearing! Genny Iannucci shares tips on how to visually whittle away the pounds with emphasis on the clothes you wear and how you wear them.

Genny says the key to looking slimmer is to maximize visual length throughout your entire frame with strategic use of colour, fabric, shape and details. You should also minimize horizontal divisions that draw the eye across your body and add visual width.


Genny's Slimming Fashion Tips

Outfits in colours of similar depth create a strong vertical line.This outfit features an outercore (consisting of her navy cardigan and black jeans) in colours of similar depth, creating a strong vertical line of colour from her shoulders to her toes. Avoid colour breaks at the ankle, wear pants long, and add a heeled boot in a similar hue to your trousers. For a slimmer look, seek booties that have a sleek profile and a toe that is more pointed than squared off or round.

Get the look: cardigan, tunic top, jeans, navy handbag, Winners; booties, Marshalls


Genny's Slimming Fashion Tips

Head to toe colour is the ultimate in creating length through the frame. Look for knits that have substance without being bulky.  This dress features a mid-weight knit that is very flattering. Avoid flimsy knits which can be revealing. The vertical pattern in center of this dress draws the eye inward and slims!

Get the look: dress, earrings, bracelet, clutch, booties, Le Chateau


Genny's Slimming Fashion Tips

Wearing any colour head to toe creates gorgeous length through the frame. Vertical seaming accents and a zipper closure are subtle details that enhance vertical length. Long necklaces also add to visual length.

Get the look: jacket, Laura; dress, earrings, necklace, handbag, Laura Plus

Genny's Slimming Fashion Secrets


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