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Fringe for Every Face

Bangs are more trendy than ever, with celebrities like Zooey Deschanel and Reese Witherspoon rocking them on red carpets, and Michelle Obama making big news when she cut hers earlier this year. To show the best bangs for you, hair expert Kristjan Hayden takes us through a fringe for every face.

Celebs with Bangs

Bangs add immediate impact to a look and are a great idea for anyone whether you have a round, heart-shaped or oblong face.

Round Face

Bangs for a Round Face

Bangs are actually the textbook solution to flatter a round face. Start them higher on the crown to create the illusion of a longer face.

Styling tip: Use a paddle brush to blowdry in the opposite direction for perfectly sideswept bangs.

Oblong Face

Bangs for an Oblong Face

Bangs are perfect for a longer forehead to balance the proportions and the length of the face. Look at your face in thirds, your bangs should be the top third of your face.

Styling tip: Roundbrush you bangs perpendicular to the hair growth for fluffy, Zooey Deschanel inspired bangs.

Heart-Shaped Face

Bangs for a Heart-Shaped Face

The combination bang is the perfect choice to soften a heart-shaped face. The edges of the bangs blend into the face narrowing the face and softening the jawline.

Styling tip: If you're thinking of trimming your own bangs only do the middle two inches on your own. The rest of the bangs should be left to a professional who can blend in the edges and make sure your fringe ends at the natural curve of your head.


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