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Fashionable Tech Gadgets and Accessories

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The style of our technology is becoming just as important as its functions. Here, our Web Wonder Woman Jamey Ordolis shows us the newest fashionable gadgets and accessories that are sure to make your jaw drop.

Phone Cases

Fashionable Phone Cases

Stylish phone cases have increased in popularity over the last few years. Since we always have our phone in hand it only makes sense to accessorize it! In addition, when celebs take selfies in the mirror and post them on social media, we can see what phone cases they have to envy. People like Lindsay Lohan, Sofia Vergara, and Rihanna are great examples.

If you’re not into super trendy cases, fear not! Not only can phone cases be fashionable, but they can also be functional. There’s a wide variety of cases out there that double as wallets and clutches.

Featured Cases: Alice & Olivia; Jagger Edge; DimePiece; Otter Box


Fashionable Audio Accessories

Most of us listen to music throughout the day whether it’s at the gym, on transit, or while running errands. The good news is now you can do it in style! Because headphones and ear buds hang around your neck or sit on your head, they may as well be fashionable. Thankfully there are some amazing audio products out there that can enhance any outfit. There are also some stylish speaker alternatives hitting the market. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a party that has no sound system. Thanks to the Stellé Audio clutch purse you can bring the sound system with you disguised as fashionable accessory.

Featured Audio Products: Ladybuds; Marshall Headphones; Stellé Audio Cutch

Technology Arm Candy

Technology Arm Candy

Not only is technology often found in our hands, it’s now making its way onto our wrists! Gone are the days of carrying around a USB key for file sharing. Now you can wear your USB key in style with a sparkly USB key bracelet from Brando Workshop.

Tech arm candy is also exploding in the fitness world. The Nike Fuel Band lets you set a motion goal for the day and tracks how much you move. If you’ve ever wanted motivation to be more active, the fuel band will get you there while keeping you looking stylish. 

Featured Arm Candy: USB bracelets; Nike Fuel Band

Tablet Cases

Fashionable Tablet Cases

Technology has made its mark in the fashion world. During this year’s major fashion weeks, technology was seen everywhere! Photographed in street style, in the fashion show audiences and even on the runway. With worldwide fashion weeks setting the trends for upcoming seasons it’s clear that tech fashion is definitely going to be around for a while, so get on board!

Featured Tablet Cases:
Alice & Olivia; Gelaskin, custom made skins ; Marc Jacobs; Michael Kors 

Jamey Ordolis shares fashionable tech gadgets and accessories


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