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Fashion Flashback

Fashion expert Afiya Francisco takes us on a fashion flashback with current trends inspired by the past.



Decade: 1920s

Influences: Great Gatsby, fashion icons like Josephine Baker, flapper, Jazz Age

Key modern elements: lace, sheer and soft tones are made modern with a flirty cut, higher waist and edgy black colour choice.

Get the Look:  dress, Addition Elle; shoes, Aldo; necklace, H&M; clutch, Club Monaco

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Decade: 1950s

Influences: post-WWII, Hollywood glamour, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe

Key modern elements: A defined waist and full skirt are ultra feminine influences from the 1950s. They make this silhouette fresh and modern, especially with a flat shoe.

Get the Look: dress Winners; shoes Club Monaco; necklace Winners

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Decade: 1960s

Influences: The beginning of the hippie movement, Diana Ross, Talitha Getty

Key modern elements: Cool patterns and interesting silhouettes defined this era. Go bold with a strong print and modern, clean silhouette.

Get the Look: dress Whitney Linen; necklace, H&M; shoes, Express

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Decade: 1970s

Influences: Menswear and androgyny, Ali McGraw, Annie Hall

Key modern elements: Menswear is a huge trend right now, and we are starting to see pants veering away from skinny-only legs to wide flares.

Get the Look: jacket Addition Elle, blouse Reitmans, jeans Guess, scarf Club Monaco, shoes Aldo

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Decade: 1980s

Influences: The excess and luxury of the 80s, Madonna, Grace Jones

Key modern elements: Punky graphic prints are made current and chic in a monochromatic colour scheme.

Get the Look: jacket, Express; shirt, Addition Elle; skirt, Express; shoes and backpack, Aldo

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Decade: 1990s

Influences: The grunge era, Winona Ryder, Nirvana, Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis

Key modern elements: This time around, grunge is more sophisticated with fitted pieces and ladylike accessories.

Get the Look: jacket, tee and shirt, H&M; jeans, Guess; shoes, Aldo

:::Fashion Flashback: A look inspired by the 1990s:::
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