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Face, Eyes and Lip Beauty Hacks


Beauty expert and professional makeup artist Christine Cho unlocked the beauty vault for us and shared top secret makeup artist tips and tricks.

Three women with demonstrating the makeup hacks for face, eyes and lips.
Models demonstrating from left to right: lipstick trick, eyebrow trick, face makeup trick.

Face Makeup Hack: Cherry Gelatin Cream Blush

Cherry jelly powder or gelatin makes the perfect bright shade of blush! Mix a dash of powder into your favorite moisturizer or balm for a lovely cream blush.

You can customize your shade of blush by what flavour you choose and how much coloured powder you mix in to the moisturizer. This hack is great to create a natural-looking dewy flush rather than a dry powdery finish — great for dryer skin types, winter months or when you want a natural glow.

Gelatin is perfectly fine to use on the skin. In addition, the anti-inflammatory benefits of gelatin can help curb the aging process.

Face Makeup Hack: Foundation and Eye Shadow Highlighter

You can mimic good light following you everywhere by applying this custom mix to areas of the face that you want to catch light. For darker skin tones, mix your foundation with a deep metallic eye shadow, like bronze or copper. For lighter tones, use light shadows like gold or champagne.

Tip: Do not use all over face. Christine uses it on the areas of her face where the light would naturally fall, like above the cheek bones, temples, down the bridge of the nose and above the cupids bow.

Eye Makeup Hack: Tame Eyebrows with Lip Balm

For brows you want a balm that is matte and stiff — like a waxy one that is both unscented and not tinted. Think of the balm as a molding paste for your brows, like gel for hair on your head.

Eye Makeup Hack: Wet Eye Shadow Look with Lip Balm

For the eyelids, you can choose a balm that is slightly glossier and smoother in texture so that it spreads easily and doesn't disturb your eye makeup. This hack looks great on bare lids too for a fresh faced look! First apply the eye shadow onto your lids and then pat the lip balm gently over.

Tip: Do not use mint flavoured balm.

Eye Makeup Hack: Keep Eye Cream in Fridge

Any eye cream can be cooled for extra de-puffing power. The colder temperature naturally deflates and calms your blood vessels.

Creams with metal applicators like a roller ball, are even better because the metal gets extra cold and retains temperature better.

Christine recommends applying cooled eye cream first thing when you wake up and before applying makeup. Using your ring finger, dab the cold eye cream around your eye area and wait 30 seconds before applying makeup. You should see some de-puffing very quickly!

Lipstick Hack: Foundation Makes Lipstick Last Longer

Apply foundation on your lips before doing a red or bold lip to neutralize uneven lip tone and act as base for the colour. Use one brush to apply concealer and a separate brush to apply colour.

Tip: The trick to doing this properly is to use a thick, highly pigmented concealer and a small stiff angled brush, much like ones for eyeliner, for precision.

Lipstick Hack: Foundation Keeps Lipstick from Bleeding

This works well because concealer neutralizes uneven lip tone and creates a blank canvas much like your foundation does for makeup on face. It also helps the lipstick stay in place better. After applying lipstick, outline the lips with a small amount of foundation. Blend well with a brush.

Tip: Make sure to treat your lips with a good balm, nothing too greasy or shiny, so lips are moist and smooth before applying concealer to them. Without this step, flakes and dryness will be accentuated in your lips!


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