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Fabuless Trend Testing

A new season means an explosion of new fashion trends on the scene. Style expert Vanessa Taylor brings deal hunting at its best with her fabuless head-to-toe looks for this season all under one hundred dollars! Shopping for less is great for trying out new trends before committing to them without investing a ton of money.




The New Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is a classic piece for your wardrobe but it's been elongated to a midi length this season. The length creates the illusion of a longer and leaner bottom half. The new pencil skirt also perfectly complements shorter tops featured this season. For a midi length pencil skirt, you will want to opt for heels to further elongate the leg line.

Get the look:

Forever 21 pencil skirt, $21.80
Forever 21 sweater, $23.80
Forever 21 green satchel, $23.80
Forever 21 necklace, $6.80
George at Walmart heels, $16

Outfit total: $92.20

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The Weekend Wear Switch-Up/ Sportswear Revamp

This trend focuses around pieces that were typically reserved for activewear. Pieces like the utilitarian cargo jacket and these awesome surf sneakers have now been given a makeover with a softer, flirtier feel. The prints give this comfy outfit that extra hit of style.

Get the look:
H&M sneakers, $17.95
H&M jacket, $17.95
H&M striped jeans, $14.95
Walmart tank top, $3.50

Outfit total: $96.35

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The Wearable Crop

This is a great look that will take you from the office to dinner afterwards. The key item here is the cropped sweater, it’s huge this season! Layering the cropped sweater with a longer shirt underneath makes it wearable for any body type. Layering also gives this outfit a relaxed feel while the boxy knit sweater is a subtle nod to the crop trend.

Get the look:
H&M jeans, $24.95
H&M knit sweater, $29.95
H&M printed sleeveless blouse, $12.95
H&M heels, $29.95

Outfit total: $97.80

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The Major Print

These fantastic graphic prints are carrying over on to everything this season including trousers, jackets, and dresses! This print works well to show off all your curves. If this print feels too strong for you, add a solid coloured blazer or cardigan to ground the look.

Get the look:
Forever 21 blazer, $35.80
Forever 21 dress, $39.80
George at Walmart heels, $16

Outfit total: $95.60

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Double Duty Jacket

The classic jean jacket is always used to throw on over your outfit, but here we’ve styled it as an actual top! Button it up and wear it fitted because your shape will be lost in a boxy jacket. To complete the look just accessorize it exactly like you would with a shirt.

Get the look:
George at Walmart jean jacket, $25
George at Walmart pant, $16
George at Walmart necklace, $14
G21 at Walmart flats, $10
Walmart tank top, $3.50

Outfit total: $68.50

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The Bold Blazer

The game changer for the blazer is the bold print in a soft and silky fabric. Thanks to it’s print, this blazer can be thrown over top of any casual look to take it to another level. This spring try the ultra crisp and clean white denim in a silhouette that will flatter your shape.

Get the look:
Forever 21 graphic jacket, $35.80
Forever 21 knit tank, $18.80
Jordache jeans at Walmart, $22
George at Walmart heels, $16

Outfit total: $92.60

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