‘Fabuless’ Fashions: Day and Night


Fashion expert Afiya Francisco put together six 'fabluless' outfits for day and night while on a $100 budget.




Mad For Plaid

Plaid feels so right at this time of year and it is right on trend. Mix prints keep it current.

Get the look:
Merona pants $29.99 at Target
Necklace $12.95 at H&M
Sweater $18.90 at Forever 21
Flats $12.99 at Old Navy

Total: $75.88

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Posh Poncho

A poncho in rich autumn colours is one of this seasons key items. Keep the look fresh with casual with slip-on sneakers and a simple tee.

Get the look:

Poncho $40 and belt $10 at Reitmans
Leggings $20 at Winners
Mossimo Wedges $29.99 at Target

Total: $99.99

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Jumpsuits have become a wardrobe staple and this, slightly looser, version nods to the sport trend. An easy way to save time getting dressed this piece is easily dressed up with heels.

Get the look:

Jumpsuit $19.95 at H&M
Purse $26.99 at Target
George Booties $24 at Walmart
mock neck $24 at Reitmans

Total: $94.94

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Stretch 'Leather' Skirt

This jersey leather combination is a flattering way to wear leather no matter what your size. The comfort and stretch of jersey on the back paired with a leather-like panel on the front brings together the best of both worlds.

Get the look:

Blouse $24.99 at Winners
Skirt $36.00 at Reitmans 
Heels $39.98 at Call It Spring

Total: $100.97

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Flouncy Little Black Dress

This little black dress has been updated in it's shape. An edgy evening look with a leopard print blouse and strong accessories—this is a great way to stretch your wardrobe from day to night.

Get the look:

G21 heels $29 at Walmart
Dress $32.94 at Old Navy
Merona blouse $24.99 at Target
Belt $10

Total: $96.93

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The Jersey Dress

Jersey is great because it moves with you, breathes, is great for packing—but it also hugs the body. Wear it confidently on your own or under a soft jacket or cardigan for a more universally flattering look.

Get the look:

Dress $39.95 and necklace $19.95 at H&M
Mossimo ankle boot $29.99 at Target

Total: $89.89

:::'Fabuless' Night Fashions: Jersey Dress:::
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