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DIY: Terrific Totes

Tiffany Pratt was pumped to share this wearable craft project with all of us. It's a super simple craft that parents and kids can do together! The end result is a totally usable canvas tote that is perfect for books, groceries, or as an overnight bag. 



Loose primed canvas
Acrylic paints
Paint brushes and sponge brushes
Thick cotton/canvas handle straps
Sewing machine
Glitter (optional)



1. Cut the loose piece of primed canvas in any size of square or rectangle you want. Fold the canvas onto itself so that the corners match up at the top so you can get a visual of how tall and wide you would like your bag to be.
2. Lay newspaper on your tabletop to completely cover the table surface you are working on.
3. Collect acrylic paint in any colour(s) that you wish to use and begin painting anything you want on the canvas. (This is a great part of the project for your child. It would be best to ensure that your child is at least 3 years of age to complete this -- as acrylic paint is tough to get off and generally doesn't mix well unless you use all warm or cool tones together.)
4. Let the paint dry on the canvas overnight once completed.
5. Get your sewing machine ready. Dust it off and get some smashingly colourful thread to work with.
6. Once the paint is dry and your sewing machine is ready for action sew the top edges of your canvas on either side (about an inch wide).  
7. Once the top edges are sewn up, you can begin sewing up the sides (an inch wide). Flip the canvas so the painted side is inside and you are sewing up the canvas with the canvas side showing. Make sure that your top corners match up as you sew up the side edges. To make sure this is a peaceful sewing experience, use some pins to keep things in place.
8. Once you have sewn everything up--flip reverse the canvas so the painted side is out to begin revealing your tote styles.
9. Now you can sew your cloth handle on. If you have a fairly thin handle you can use the sewing machine to sew it on. If it is thicker you should hand-sew the handle on the canvas bag. You can figure on the best way to do so depending on its use. If the bag is for heavier items consider doing two handles instead of one big one. If your tote is for lighter things then one big handle would be great.
10. DONE! Prepare yourself for compliments and how-to tutorials in grocery store line-ups.  You are now a craft-making star. Take a bow.


You can find out more about Tiffany and her crafty ways at www.glitterpieart.com.


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