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DIY Sexy Beach Waves

Beach waves are so on trend right now and every girl wants them. Sea salt sprays from stores or salons can cost you anywhere from $10 to $40. But with Dee Dagher's DIY version, you can get loose waves for less than 50 cents.

DIY Sexy Beach Waves

All you have to do is mix and shake the following ingredients in a spray bottle:

8 oz of warm water
1 t sea salt (This is the key ingredient for beachy waves.)
1 t coconut oil
1 t light hair gel

Then just spray on your hair and scrunch!

For best results:

  • Use warm water to ensure everything dissolves together.
  • Coconut oil counteracts the drying effect of the sea salt and will keep your hair soft and hydrated. The scent is also a great reminder of the beach!
  • Add hair gel to the mixture so that your beautiful beach waves will hold.


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