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DIY Kids Halloween Costumes


Now's the time to pull together an impressively creative Halloween costume for your kids! Fashion designer and busy mom Julia Grieve shares some easy DIY options for your little trick or treaters.

Snack Time

This is a great idea of a family trick of treating adventure!

Snack Time! DIY Halloween Costumes

This cupcake is an upcycled costume that uses an old 80s lampshade as the cupcake wrapper. A boldly-coloured towel doubles as the icing on top with dollar store pompoms hot glued instead of sprinkles.

Use some felt to decorate your baby carrier so your and baby can trick or treat together with the rest of the family!

Ocean Animals

DIY Jellyfish Costume

This jellyfish is the easiest costume using pieces from around the house. Put on your daughter's favourite ballet or gymnastics outfit, grab a clear umbrella and add silver streamers to act as tentacles. Cut eyes out of construction paper and tape them on to the umbrella.

DIY shark and octopus costumes

Create an easy octopus out of some old socks and a sweatshirt. Add some felt cut outs to the front and you're good to go!

Add some teeth and a fin to a grey sweatsuit and you've got a shark!

A Game of Cat and Mouse

DIY cat and mouse costumes

This little mouse trap is the most adorable DIY costume, all made from pieces grabbed at the hardware store.

Use an existing wagon and cut a piece of plywood to size. A dryer vent takes the place of the spring. Use tinfoil on some old paper towel tubes to make a perfect trap! This is a great costume for little ones who get tired or can't walk on their first trick-or-treating adventure!

Of course, every little mouse needs a cat. Keep it easy by dressing in black and adding ears to a black headband.


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