DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids


What's Halloween without great costumes? Fashion expert Julia Grieve shares her favourite DIY outfits that are simple and fun to make with your kids.




Barn Animals

These costumes were made entirely from things around the house — like an old dress for the lamb — or from your local dollar store — like the white feather boa for our chicken.

Make the costume:

Lamb: Glue cotton balls or batting to a black cover-up or dress. Cut out two pieces of black felt to form the ears and sew onto a hat or hood of a hoodie. Cover hat or hood in more cotton batting.

Chicken: Glue or stitch a dollar-store feather boa onto a onesie to make the body. For the hat, cut out two pieces of red felt to form the comb, stitch them together and fill with batting; stitch comb onto a white hat. The feet are ordinary rubber washing gloves stuffed with batting. :::DIY Kids Halloween Costumes: Farm Animals::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/diy_halloween_costumes_cookie_milk.jpg:::

Milk and Cookie

This costume is great for siblings or best friends. Both of these costumes use existing clothes with a box or sandwich board on top to create the costume.

Make the costumes:

Milk: Make milk carton poncho out of large sheet of felt, cutting out white square for the chest and 'MILK' letters out of red felt. Pair with matching sweatpants. To make the straw, cover plastic tubing with strips of coloured tape.

Cookie: Cut two cookie shapes out of cardboard and cut out "chocolate chips" from felt or pieces of old sweaters. Glue the shapes on, and attach the cookies together with two sturdy ribbons. To wear, sandwich child between the two cookies with the ribbons over their shoulders.

:::DIY Kids Halloween Costumes: Milk and Cookies::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/diy_halloween_costumes_pilot_robot.jpg:::

Robot and Airplane

These costumes are great for your school-aged child to bring to class and impress their friends.

Make the costume:

Robot: Use boxes, spray paint, dryer tubing (from the hardware store), aluminum foil and random things you find around the house to create the costume. Feel free to attach battery operated, press-on lights to make this costume come to life.

Airplane: Use boxes, dowels and paint for this costume, along with a leather (or pleather) jacket and goggles.

:::DIY Kids Halloween Costumes: Robot and Airplane:::
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