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DIY At-Home Kids’ Costumes

Fashion Producer Tara Williams came on the show to tell us how to create memorable Halloween Kid's Costumes without breaking the bank, by using items you can find around the house.

What little girl doesn't want to be a princess everyday? Make it happen by turning her into a life-size paper doll.


What you need:
  • 1 or 2 sheets of white poster board
  • Clean clothes to trace
  • Pencil
  • Black permanent marker
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • 1/4" elastic
  • Stapler and staples
  • Headband (optional)
  • Tape

Make it:
1.    With pencil, trace a clean item of clothing (a dress would be great for a paperdoll princess look).
2.    After tracing, draw a few rectangles (to be tabs) coming off the shoulders of the dress.
3.    Draw details on the outlined clothing, such as collars, lace, buttons, belts, or any other embellishments you want. This is a great place to get creative.
4.    Draw over the pencil lines with a black permanent marker.
5.    Paint the drawing, filling in all the details with color, but leave the tabs white. Let the paint dry.
6.    When paint is dry, cut clothing out around the outside outline.
7.    To add shoulder straps, cut two pieces of elastic, about 8" long and then staple the end of elastic to top of shoulder area on costume. Be sure elastic is securely attached, with staple going through elastic. Staple other end near armpit. Repeat for other arm strap.
8.    Add an elastic strap at the waist using the same technique. The piece of elastic should be as wide as the waist, with 2" added.
9.    Make a crown to complete the princess outfit and decorate with paint and glitter.
1.    Best paints for this project: acrylic craft paint, tempera or poster paint. Bright, bold colors are best for this project.

Have your child help you make this great no-sew Spider costume! 


What you need: 
  • Black long-sleeved hoodie
  • Black duct tape
  • 2 pairs black socks (4 socks total)
  • Black yarn
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Plastic grocery bags (about 16)
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots

Make it:
1.    Stuff black socks with plastic grocery bags (about 4 bags per sock).
2.    Lay long sleeve hoodie flat on work surface. Lay 2 stuffed socks along each of the side seams of shirt, evenly spaced apart.
3.    Attach socks to sides of shirt with duct tape. To anchor the sock to the shirt, use a 4" piece of tape running horizontally (side to side) across the edge of the sock, and then a second piece of duct tape vertically (up and down) over the edge of the sock. The second piece of tape should completely cover the edge of the sock.
4.    Turn shirt over and add tape to the other side of socks and shirt, repeating anchoring step above.
5.    Cut a 6' (72") piece of black yarn, and fold it in half, placing the folded section at the cuff of the sleeve. Lay the long tails of the string down across the two socks that are attached to the sides of the shirt.
6.    Duct tape yarn around cuff of shirt, with the long tails of the string coming off the bottom of the cuff. Tie a knot in the string at the bottom of the cuff. Be sure child's hand will fit comfortably through the cuff.
7.    About 4" from the knot, tie another knot. Place the middle sock between the two pieces of yarn, and tie the tail of the yarn securely around the sock. Knot at the bottom of the sock. Reinforce by attaching a small piece of duct tape over the string on the backside of the sock.
8.    Repeat step 7 for the bottom sock. Trim any excess string hanging off the knot on the bottom sock.
9.    Repeat steps 6-8 for other sleeve and socks.
10.    Attach assorted wiggle eyes to the hood with glue dots.

1.    For best results cut duct tape with scissors instead of ripping. Parents only: If your scissors get gummed up from the tape's adhesive, use a bit of rubbing alcohol and a piece of tissue to clean the blade.
2.    Add black stretch gloves to this costume for warmth and to keep the look streamlined
3.    When you're done with the costume, just remove the duct tape and socks, and your hoodie is ready for everyday wear.

Definitely the easiest of the three costumes, this bunch of grapes is an adorable quick costume that you can whip together in a pinch!


What you Need:
  • Long-sleeved purple shirt
  • Purple tights
  • Large bag of round purple balloons
  • Purple Hat
  • 100 small safety pins
Make it:
1.    Blow up the purple balloons.
2.    Get dressed in your tights and long-sleeved shirt. At this time you will need assistance in finishing your costume. Once you have the undergarments on, take the safety pins and very carefully begin pinning the balloons to your shirt, putting the pins through the ends.
3.    Once all of the balloons have been attached put on your purple hat to serve as a great topper, but also keeps your head warm!

1.    Making the balloons various sizes. When tying, leave at least an inch at the ends so you can safely pin the balloons to the shirt.
2.    Place fewer balloons on the bottom of your costume near your hips, and more balloons at the top, shaping the bunch like a genuine grape bunch.
For more great costume ideas check out Kaboose.


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