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Crafty Kids’ Costumes


Halloween can be fun, exciting and, of course, very scary—especially for parents faced with a child's last-minute costume change of heart. That's why we enlisted fashion producer Tara Williams to come up with some quick and easy, DIY costumes to help rescue frantic families everywhere this Halloween.


Party-Dress Princess

Accessorize this costume as much or as little as you choose, time-depending.

party dress
faux jewels
4 wire coat hangers
2 pairs white pantyhose
duct tape
foam pieces
drinking straw
plastic crown
pink tights
fancy flats or sneakers

  1. Find an old party dress your child has almost grown out of.
  2. Get your child to help you bedazzle the dress with jewels and sparkles, available at most dollar stores.
  3. crafty_kids_costumes2.jpgTo make the wings, cut hooks off of 2 hangers and duct tape the hanger spirals together to form a layered wing frame. Repeat.
  4. Attach wings with duct tape and shape as desired. (Wings are typiclaly wider at the top and narrower at the bottom.)
  5. Cut legs off pantyhose so you're left with 2 pairs of socks.
  6. Wrap each sock over a section of wing and tie ends together. Use excess hose to hide duct tape and knots. Decorate wings with your child using glitter, jewels, etc.
  7. Fashion a wand out of star-shaped foam pieces, ribbon, a straw and foil.
  8. Pair with a plastic crown, pink tights and fancy kicks, and your princess is ready to trick-or-treat!

Patchwork Owl

Although this costume is not necessarily for parents under a time crunch, the process is simple, and the finished product is definitely worth the effort.

grey dress or coordinating grey top and bottom
0.5 to 1 m each of 5 different colours (e.g. grey, brown, beige, etc.) of fabric, preferably in varying textures
bristol board
craft feathers
old sunglasses, lenses removed

  1. Cut 150-200 feathers out of your fabric (40-50 in each colour) using this template as your guide. This should yield enough feathers to cover the front and back of the costume with a thick layer. (You may cut less if you prefer more sparse coverage or if you only plan to feather the front.)
  2. Starting at the bottom of the dress/top, sew a row of feathers onto the garment, alternating colours. Once you've completed the first row, move on to the second, which should slightly overlap the first. Place each feather between two of the feathers in the below row so that none of the dress/top shows through. Repeat.
  3. Once you've reached the top of the garment, finish off the plumage with a few extra layers of feathers on the shoulders to imply wings.
  4. Fashion an owl mask out of bristol board. Complete by adding brown circles around the eyes, a yellow beak and a few feathers. Pop the lenses out of an old pair of child's sunglasses and attach the mask.


Sweatsuit Ninja

The ultimate last-minute costume!

black sweatsuit with hood
coloured electrical tape or fabric
red ribbon
duct tape
black breathable fabric

  1. Create a ninja-inspired symbol (e.g. snake) out of coloured electrical tape or fabric and affix to the sweatsuit. Be sure to get your child's input so that they feel like they are a part of the process.
  2. Tie some thick red ribbon around the waist, arms and calves. Leave approximately 6 inches of excess fabric to really add excitement to your kid's amazing ninja moves!
  3. Secure your ninja's anonymity by sewing a thin piece of black breathable fabric across the hood to cover his or her mouth and nose.
  4. Finish off the look with a homemade sword or pair of daggers. Cut a piece of cardboard into the appropriate shape(s) and cover with foil and duct tape.

"T" Ball Player

All you need is a plain white tee to transform your tot into a major leaguer!

white T-shirt
grey sweatpants
white tube socks
lots of coloured electrical tape
baseball cleats
baseball hat
baseball glove or inflatable bat
black eyeliner

  1. Cut coloured electrical tape into pinstripes and stick to tee.
  2. Use more tape to add a number to the back of the tee.
  3. Sew buttons to the front of the tee to further the jersey effect and for added dimension.
  4. Add a vertical stripe down the side of each pant leg to pull the uniform together.
  5. Once dressed, tuck your child's pants into their tube socks and tape a stripe around the top of each sock.
  6. Accessorize with real baseball gear (cleats, glove, etc.)
  7. Smudge some black eyeliner below their eyes to finish off the look. Batter up!


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