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Try it On…line!

Today I joined Steven and Chris on the show to share some amazing sites that allow you to try hair and outfits online!

Watch the segment in episode 157 now. 

The first is InStyle Magazine's Virtual Hollywood Hair Makeover  tool! Before you even consider dyeing or cutting your hair, you MUST try it.

Why I love it:

  • You can try yourself out as a blonde, brunette, redhead, an Angelina, a Cameron, a BeyoncĂ© - and see if it suits you before making any major commitment.
  • It really works! The hair is easy to adjust to fit your face perfectly.
  • You can try "complete looks" including makeup - lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, the works!
  • You can save and download the photos and send them to your friends for their opinions, plus print the look you want to try for real and bring it to your hair salon. Gone are the days of ripping pages of celebs out of magazines!

Here are how some of my makeovers turned out:

My original photo

Me with celebrity hair. What do you think - should I go for the Lady Gaga? : )

  • Use a photo where your hair is in a ponytail and you're looking straight into the camera lens. It will allow the hair to fit better on your head and you won't see your own hair peeking out.
  • Try to be meticulous when setting the parameters of your face and features on your photo - it will make the hair and makeup fit even better on your head.

Note that I've stolen Reese Witherspoon's complete look here:

Try it and tell me what celebrity hair you liked for yourself!

The second site is My Virtual Model.com, which allows you to create an avatar of your body and try on different styles of clothes.

First you upload a photo of your head, then adjust the measurements and skintone to create a body that looks like yours.

A little tip... you can envision yourself thinner, with the click of a button!

But that's not the point of this - the point is to try on different cuts and styles of clothes to determine what works and what doesn't before you step into a real store. That way your real life dressing room experiences will be less disappointing, more productive and more fun!

So, you create your avatar...


Next, you try on outfits...


And you'll be able to see which cuts and prints DO NOT work for your body (YIKES!)...

Jamey 3.jpg

and which do!

Jamey 4.jpg

Try this tool out and tell me what you learned about what looks good on you!

- Jamey, S&C's Web Wonder Woman


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