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Clip-On Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are Hollywood's best kept hair secret, and Stylist Dee Dagher came by to show us how easy it is to use them to add length and style to our hair!

  • Clip on extensions are a great alternative to permanent hair bond extensions because they are a lot  less damaging to the hair.
  • There are many salons and beauty stores that carry extensions in all shades and length that cater to most people's color and length.
  • The key to wearing extensions is not to look like you are wearing them, therefore, picking the right shade and length to make your hair look as natural as possible is key.
Steps to clipping them on
Step 1: Section the hair starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top and side sections of the head.
Step 2: Spray the root area with a strong hold spray and tease the root area in order to create a base to clip in the extensions (this step is essential in order for the clips to have a secure surface to attach to, otherwise clips may hang loose and start to show).
Step 3: Tease the section of your natural hair that is directly above the clip on extension very lightly just to mask the extensions, being certain that that they are not showing.
Step 4: After you have completed clipping on all the extensions, you can begin to style the hair - you can either curl or straighten the hair in order to blend the extensions and your
natural hair together.
Tips: Always buy 100% natural hair. This allows you to put heat on the hair and style it. If the hair isn't 100% natural when you attempt to curl or straighten it, the hair it may melt.
Clip-on bangs and creating a fuller style with extensions

Wearing an extension piece can give the illusion that the hair is much thicker and longer. It will give your style that extra punch!

  • Put your hair in a bun as you normally would, than take the matching extension piece and wrap the piece around the existing bun, secure with bobby pins.
  • Choose the style of ponytail you want and before securing your ponytail, wrap the extensions around your natural hair and then secure with an elastic. Take some hair from the ponytail and wrap around the elastic in order to mask the extensions and the elastic.
Clip-on Bangs
  • Great idea for those women who are either not sure whether they want to wear a bang and commit to one or those who love bangs but don't want the high maintenance that comes with wearing a bang.
  • Simply take a small section from the front hairline and lightly tease and secure the bangs on with the clips that are provided. (Be sure that the color matches exactly to your natural hair color)
Tips: Wash your extensions every few weeks. Wash with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, then comb through with a natural bristle brush and lay on a towel and allow them to air dry. NOTE: DO NOT wash your extensions too much as it will take away from the integrity of the hair.



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