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Chris’ Angels Test Products for the Ladies

Who better to test out the latest products for the ladies than Chris' Angels? Check out what Taylor, Cher and Joanne had to say about their experiences this time around.

Knix Wear, average $34 per pair

Knix Wear

The Claim: Every pair of Knix Wear features our Fresh Fix Technology™. A thin yet super absorbent gusset, it wicks away moisture and naturally eliminates odour, keeping you feeling fresh and dry all day long, without the feeling that you're wearing anything other than your most comfortable pair of undies.

The Verdict: "I would buy these underwear because of the lace and the comfort. It made me feel sexy when I worked out, which is very rare. But I would still change my underwear after I shower at the gym. Hey, if Madonna changes her underwear four times a day, why can’t I?” —Taylor

Wrinkle MD, $149

Wrinkle MD

The Claim: For use with the revolutionary WrinkleMD® Hyaluronic Acid Deep Infusion System to keep your skin looking radiant, smooth and youthful. Each HA Infusion Patch contains a concentrated boost of peptides and medical-grade Hyaluronic Acid, which is the primary ingredient found in the wrinkle fillers used by dermatologists.

Verdict: “It definitely works... I don't have much of a crow's feet issue around my eyes at all but I have noticed some evidence that they are making their way to my face. So when I test this product I was surprised to see the ever so slight difference.” —Cher

MicroPedi, $69


The Claim: Enjoy the comfort of your own home while getting a quicker and more effective pedicure than you would at a salon! No appointment necessary. This device uses micro-mineral rollers spin at 360 degrees, up to 47 times per second to gently and effectively remove hard and rough skin.

The Verdict: “I’m obsessed with getting real pedicures so for someone like me, I would pass on this product. But if you don’t like going to get your feet done (who doesn’t?!!) perhaps give this a whirl.” —Joanne


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