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Chris’ Angels Test New Beauty Products

These beauty products make serious claims. But are they worth the splurge? Chris’ Angels test them out so you don’t have to!

Purely Perfect Facial Cream, $44

Claim: An all natural blend of aloe vera and essential oil that cleans your hair without washing out the good stuff. It’s better than regular shampoo for the hair, which damages hair by stripping it of natural oils. It impossible to overuse, makes conditioners and masques obsolete. No build-up whatsoever, and it’s great for the environment.

Instructions: Wet your hair thoroughly in the shower as usual. Use enough to evenly coat hair and scalp. Thoroughly massage into hair and scalp. Add more as needed; add water to help it spread. It's important to use enough and impossible to use too much. To detangle hair, use a wide-tooth comb before rinsing. Rinse hair extra well. Don't condition! Your hair will feel soft, silky and be far better off without it.

Verdict: “I didn't like this product at all. My hairdresser said my texture in my hair changed and I felt it did as well. My roots are now greasy and my ends are dry. It just didn't work for me. To be honest when I read the reviews I thought, 'Were these editors paid to say this? Are these endorsements?' It just is not the product for me. Just like skin care, your hair care should be different, too. Beauty is not a one size fits all industry and this product did not fit me.” — Taylor Kaye


silicone face cupping

Facial Beauty Cupping $15 (depending on sizes)

Claim: Flexible mini cups for use around eyes, nose, and other small curved areas. Suction helps clear pores and removes dirt and dead skin cells. Improves circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and removes dirt and oil build-up, cellulite massage, baggy eyes, and stimulates and rejuvenates tissue for youthful-looking skin. Firms skin, breaks up fat beneath the skin for a smoother, toned look, especially around neck, chin and jaw.

Instructions: The cups are simple to use: just squeeze and slide over skin with soap and water, lotion, or massage oil. Alternatively, the cups can be used dry by sucking and quickly releasing one spot at a time. To lessen skin reddening, it is suggested to not leave the cups stuck on one area more than a few seconds.

Verdict: “Some things are best left in the hands of professionals, this is one of them. After watching a few YouTube videos, I tried both methods. Neither seemed to do anything really impressive or quite frankly anything at all. I was hoping that the smaller ones would work around the nose area for blackheads but there was no visible difference at all. Again I believe a professional's touch would be required to make this work for you. I pass." Cher Jones

ben nye sealant

Ben Nye Final Sealer, $15

Claim: Final Seal keeps makeup in place, even when performers perspire heavily.

Instructions: Apply pre-makeup to retard perspiration, and over any completed makeup for a smudge-proof finish. Adds durability to airbrushed Liquid Paints. Alcohol-based with fresh mint scent. Use in well-ventilated area.

Verdict: “Ben Nye is a wonderful brand, but it has its roots in theatrical / stage makeup! I do find most of the products a little too heavy or intense for everyday life. This product is more for airbrushed makeup and liquid paints, not light, everyday makeup. If you use a primer or base and set your makeup with powder, there’s no reason it shouldn’t stay put. If it doesn’t, the problem is your makeup. If you need to use a makeup 'sealant' you’re wearing too much makeup!” Joanne Alderson


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