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Chris’ Angels: Hair Gadgets


The Angels test drive goofy grooming gadgets...with some hair-raising results!


Thermal Spa Conditioning Heat Cap, $40

The claim: More lustrous, manageable hair in just 20 minutes!

The verdict: Uncomfortable to wear and feels like a heating blanket for your head. Plus, it's a major turnoff in the bedroom! —Taylor

Electric Pressing Comb, $17

The claim: Straighten your hair without cutting or tearing.

The verdict: Not worth it, especially considering the world of flatiron and straightener options available. —Cher

Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer, $50

The claim: Faster drying and reduced frizz—perfect for people who wear extensions or use rollers in their hair.

The verdict: A complete waste of time. Nearly sweat her eyebrows off using it. —Joanne


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