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Chris’ Angels: Celeb-Endorsed Products


These products have all gotten the celeb seal of approval but will they meet Chris' Angels' standards?

Chris and his Angels with their celeb-endorsed products.

1. Glacéau SmartWater, $3, endorsed by Jennifer Aniston

The claim: SmartWater is inspired by nature and is as pure as the first drop of rain. But it takes it one step further than mother nature with added electrolytes.

The verdict: "In a blind taste test against Esca and tap water, Chris picked SmartWater as his favourite. But living in an urban centre, I prefer tap water—as long as it's cold!" —Joanne

2. Vita Coco Coconut Water, $6, endorsed by Rihanna

The claim: All-natural, super-hydrating, fat-free, cholesterol-free, nutrient-packed, potassium-stacked, mega-electrolyte coconut water!

The verdict: "Vita Coco lost to Blue Monkey in a blind taste test when presented to Chris. I love coconut water and was excited to give all three a try. But after having tried them all, I'm sticking to my method of shopping whatever's on sale to cut costs on this expensive import." —Joanne

3. Beats by Dr. Dre, $400

The claim: Catch tiny details you've never heard before in songs you thought you knew inside out. Because with the sleek and rugged Beats by Dr. Dre over-ear headphones engineered by Monster, thrills rule.

The verdict: "Beats by Dr. Dre definitely delivered for bass—in fact, maybe too much! That said, the Bose QuietComfort headphones won out over the celebrity-endorsed set when it came to the most balanced sound quality." Cher

4. Belly Bandit, $90, endorsed by Kourtney Kardashian

The claim: Created for women, by women, Belly Bandit knows that your post-delivery limitations extend beyond not fitting into your prepregnancy jeans. Along with weight gain and stretched skin, there's midsection discomfort, weakening of the muscles and skin sensitivity that require the special support, attention and comfort that only Belly Bandit can wrap you in.

The verdict: "I'm sticking to my body shaper. It's way more comfortable and inconspicuous under my clothes!" Taylor


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