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Chris’ Angels: Beauty Buys


The Angels put the latest beauty booty to the test—not that they need any help in that department!


Jergens Natural Glow Express Body Moisturizer, $13

The claim: The quickest way to a natural-looking summer glow with noticeable results after just one use and a full shade of natural-summer colour after three days.

The verdict: "It was great. It did what it promised, and I'm now a total convert!" —Taylor

HairDo Clip In Bangs by Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves, $29

The claim: No-commitment clip-in bangs made of a heat-friendly synthetic fibre so you can curl, cut and style them—just like your own hair! Simply clip and go!

The verdict: "I am a total believer in this product. It's great for testing out a new hairstyle without having to commit to a cut. I've also got curly hair, so these bangs are a great way to switch up my look." —Cher

Super Stay 14-Hour Lipstick, $10

The claim: Weightless colour goes on in one step and stays put for 14 full hours with no dragging or drying.

The verdict: "This lipstick promised alot. And I was let down. It was dry, cakey and uncomfortable and it didn't even make it through my eight-hour workday! Pass." —Joanne



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