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Chris’ Angels: Beauty Boosters


Chris' Angels attempt to put their best faces forward with three so-called beauty-boosting gadgets.


1. Luscious Lips Deluxe Kit, $62

The claim: Increases lip size quickly and easily while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

The verdict: "It's like lifting weights at the gym: It works, but it takes weeks of building up your lips to really get that plumped-up look." —Joanne

2. Slimming Face Up Roller, $13

The claim: The ideal massage tool for lifting your face and enhancing the elasticity of your skin. When you use the rollers together, it also massages your face and neck at same time!

The verdict: "A total waste of time. The up and down motion may feel good, but you look ridiculous, and all that pulling down will only lead to saggier skin in the long run!" —Cher

3. Curly.B Curly Professional, $25 at Pacific Mall

The claim: Luscious curls in minutes!

The verdict: "Silly. Reminds me more of crocheting your hair than curling it! Completely useless and such a waste of time!" —Taylor


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