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Chris’ Angels: As Seen on TV


This time around, Chris' Angels put the latest as-seen-on-TV products to the test so you don't have to! Some turned out to be more buzz-worthy than others...

Chris and his Angels.

1. No!no! Hair, $271

The claim: No hair with no pain! In just six weeks, you'll see a dramatic difference in hair regrowth (or lack thereof). And after six to eight months, you should be more than 90% hair-free!

The verdict: "It was similar to laser treatment or electrolysis. I didn't have the patience to wait eight months, though the treatment with the buffer seemed to work. But at 300 bucks, I'll pass." Taylor

2. Schticky, $36/set of three

The claim: Clean your home in a quickie with the Schticky!

The verdict: "This product is reusable, which makes it eco-friendly. Having said that, it could only do a small area before needing to be rinsed and dried. I found that more annoying than useful." Cher

3. Inversion Table, $500

The claim: Reduces stress and back pain by decompressing the spine using your own body weight. It also promotes increased circulation.

The verdict: "I do find it relaxing to be partially inverted. But don't stay in it for too long—you'll get dizzy!" —Joanne


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