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Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities of 2014

Our Style Panel — Vanessa Taylor, Justin German and Andrea Bain — weigh in on the best and worst celebrity fashion of the year. Don't forget to vote below on which celeb had your favourite style!




Celeb Fashion Winner: Rihanna

Chris: She's smoking hot. I love her.
Vanessa: But this [left] literally looks like she's wearing an outfit for her boyfriend coming over!
Andrea: Of all the rockstars, which rockstar could pull off a negligee on a red carpet? Rihanna.
Chris: If I had a body like that I'd be sitting here naked right now hosting this show!
Andrea: It's [right] also an homage to Josephine Baker.
Justin: I think the makeup is beautiful. I might have lost the do-rag.

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Celeb Fashion Loser: Kim Kardashian

Chris: She's one of my favourite celebrities of all time, because she's a celebrity for no reason, but she's one of the biggest celebrities in the world!
Andrea: This is Kanye's stamp on Kim. I really feel like that's his Barbie doll, and he's dressing her up…. She's wearing a negligee to go see a fashion show. Yes, she looks good in it, but is this appropriate? I miss old Kim.
Justin: Everything seems to be runway-driven. I mean, which Kim are you?

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Celeb Fashion Winner: Blake Lively

Vanessa: She's always in Gucci. She's head-to-toe Gucci always.
Andrea: Look at this at Cannes (left photo)… no stylist. She is one of the few who picks her own clothes. And her hair and makeup? Always perfect. She's Hollywood glamour personified.
Justin: Flawless. It's never overdone. The waves are perfect, this blowout is silky, shiny. Just effortless.

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Celeb Fashion Loser: Miley Cyrus

Andrea: It's t-rash. She doesn't look classy. Money and expensive clothes doesn't mean style and class. I feel like it's not her. It's not authentic.
Vanessa: I love this one (right photo)! Music awards: a leather outfit, the bandeau, the high-waisted trousers. On a 20-year-old, this is who you want to see this outfit on.
Andrea: Why going from Hannah Montana do you have to go to this very trashy, Hollywood Boulevard look? There is an in-between!

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Celeb Fashion Winner: Amal Clooney

Andrea: She is the new Angelina Jolie for me.
Chris: I think she's the new Jackie O., for me.
Vanessa: She's chosen really classic pieces. This is an Oscar de la Renta wedding gown (left photo). She wasn't going to wear anything scandalous. It's a classic, classic look.
Chris: I love the dress, but I would have dropped that down one inch (right photo).
Andrea: When you have gams like that, you go as high as you possibly can.
Justin: There's a little ode to the 60's with that little bump, but not overdone.

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Celeb Fashion Loser: Halle Berry

Chris: I think this woman is a goddess.
Vanessa: This is definitely not a favourite. This is a Versace dress (left photo). There's just too much happening with a high slit, pulled away at the waist, the peek-a-boo, the cutaways. Even the print is dated.
Justin: Her hair seems to be dated.
Andrea: Her look hasn't evolved…. She's a pretty woman who wears nice dresses. But she's not by any means a style icon.

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Celeb Fashion Winner: Kerry Washington

Andrea: I'm half and half with her. Sometimes she knocks it out of the park, and sometimes I'm like, "What are you thinking?"
Vanessa: To me, she's one of the few celebrities that's always experimenting with bold colours. And that's what I love.
Justin: And that collarbone hair? (right photo) It's perfect.
Chris: I think the dress is great. If the slit was a little lower, you took the sparkly bicycle shorts out from underneath…

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Celeb Fashion Split Vote: Reese Witherspoon

Chris: She's such a beautiful girl!
Andrea: She bores me to tears! She dresses for who she is. She's a very simple woman. She's an actress, she's not a fashionista. And it's clear by her choices.
Justin: The hair, I don't mind (right photo). It could have been brushed up just a bit more for me, maybe. To make it look more modern.

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