Bustle Men’s Fashion Show

Designer Shawn Hewson of Bustle Clothing describes his men's clothing line as "funked-up classics." Take a look at his winter collection, inspired by the Calgary Stampede, with a subtle western feel throughout.

Bustle Men's Fashion Show

Left: Some people call denim-on-denim the Canadian tuxedo, but this is a slicked up version, featuring raw denim and leather details.

Right: Sharp with an individual sense of style, combining this suit with a flanel shirt adds a twist for the workplace.

Bustle Men's Fashion Show

Left: This corduroy suit has a bit of a 70s feel, but with an updated Bustle cut. The plaid shirt boasts tuxedo detailing, while the French cuff adds originality.

Right: Not only sharp-looking, Shawn's designs take practicality into account. This versatile jacket has built-in lining that can be removed for whatever conditions you're in.

Bustle Men's Fashion Show

Left: Another great look for those in creative industries, this suit would also work great as separates.

Right: Totally handsome, this jacket features pleats for a sleek effect and coloured lining for extra personality.


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