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How to Wear Bold and Bright Makeup


Bold makeup in magazines, on the runway, and on red carpets really make a statement, but can be intimidating to replicate — there's a fine line between looking bold and looking overdone. Makeup artist Misty Fox says the key is to wear these looks casually, and with less structure and intensity. Find some inspiration below!

Blue eyeliner
Left Photo Credit: Gregg Deguire/Getty 

1. Eyes

Inspiration: Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde rocked a bold electric blue cat eye and it sent clients and makeup artist alike reaching for the blue liner. The '80s may have left us with bad flashbacks of blue eye makeup, but there’s a way to make sure you’re not reliving those moments. Bright blue eyeliner is especially great for brown eyes, as it brings out the amber tones in them since blue is opposite to orange on the colour wheel.

Pro tip: Stay close to the lash line when you apply this shade. This will help it from looking too '80s because the trend then was to extend the blue much farther up, and often couple it with a shade of pink! To keep the look modern, incorporate earthy colours in to the cheeks to show a beach-inspired, oceanic vibe that is gorgeous for daytime.

Product suggestion: Make-up Forever Aqua liner in 'Diamond Blue'

Lilac lips
Left Photo Credit: Mike Marsland/Getty

2. Lips

Inspiration: Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne’s look may be a little way out for you, but what she is doing here in the lip department is pretty, feminine, and perfect for spring. A lilac lipstick is a more a twist on the statement lip becaues it keeps your lips the focus of your face in a subtle way.

Pro tip: Wear this look with a smoky eye, because a pastel shade can translate into a nude lip. This look could easily go from a denim look in the daytime to a nighttime look - just add more liner before you go out.

Product suggestion: Lipstick in Lavender Jade from the Bao Bao Wan MAC line.

Blush cheeks
Left Photo Credit: AP Photo/Peter Kramer

3. Cheeks

Inspiration: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman often goes for an understated look on the red carpet. She tends to push boundaries in a more classic way, which is what she’s doing here with a pink blush. Bright cheeks are a quick and easy way to jump on board with the colour trends for this season in an accessible and playful way. Pair this with a smoky eye, or try it with the lilac lipstick!

Pro tip: Crème blush is great for this look because it sticks better and travels well. You can also add powder foundation over top of the blush to make the glow look like it's coming from within. You can easily build the colour to suit your desired intensity.

Product suggestion: Revlon Creme Blush in 'Flushed'


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