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The Right Top for Your Type

Fashion expert Genny Iannucci is back with more tips on how to dress your body type right. But this time, she's taking aim above the belt. Whether you're short-waisted, large-busted or broad-shouldered, Genny has some top notch ideas to help show off your shape!

If you're a hourglass...

Your bust and hip measurements are approximately equal, and your waistline is very well-defined. You typically wear the same size top and bottom. The key to dressing your figure is to maintain a vertical balance.

Choose soft, smooth fabrics that fall gently away from your curves as opposed to stiff ones that cover and hide your shape. Opt for a V-neck top with subtle detailing and a fitted silhouette.


Above: I.N.C. animal-print top, Expressions jewellery, Topshop pencil skirt and Material Girl Rackley pumps, all at the Bay.

If you're an oval...

Your bust and hip measurements are smaller than your waist. You typically buy a size larger in jackets and pants to accommodate your waistline.

Avoid flimsy fabrics and look for tops reinforced with lining. Choose fitted styles that hang straight down from your waist to flatter your shape instead of tunics that that only work to hide it.


Above: top, Laura Plus; Expressions jewellery and Calvin Klein skirt, all at the Bay; black bow pumps, Winners.

If you're a triangle...

Your bust is smaller than your hips, and you have a defined waist. Your body type often requires a smaller size on top than bottom. Triangle is in fact the most common female shape.

Find tops with details across the shoulders—wide lapels, horizontal stripes, ruffles—to create the illusion of width. Look for a scoop or boat neck and puffs or pleats at the shoulder to draw the eye across the body.


Above: polka-dot blouse, Pink Tartan pleated skirt; black and gold pumps, all at Winners; Expressions necklace, at the Bay.

If you're a rectangle...

Your bust and waist measurements are roughly even with a slight indentation (usually one to eight inches smaller) at the waist, if at all. You typically wear the same size on top and bottom but often find that garments fit snugly through the waist.

Look for tops that are cut to give your body added curves. Details above (e.g. soft draping) or below (e.g. peplum) the waist are optimal choices to add volume to your bust and hip.


Above: Expressions necklace, Rachel Rachel Roy The Lila Top, grey Ralph Lauren trousers and nude Guess pumps, all at the Bay.

Above: Shubby Singh (hourglass), Meg Bradley (oval), Laura Berry (triangle) and Tracey Sinclair (rectangle); signage, CDG Display Solutions.

bio_genny_iannucci_body_types_tops.jpgA Canadian fashion-industry insider for over 20 years, Genny Iannucci is an expert in how to flatter your figure and build a strong, versatile wardrobe. Her passion? Helping women look their best on a budget.


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