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Body Shape Dilemmas Solved!

Every woman has one area of their body that drives them nuts, but there are always ways to dress to find solutions. Three fabulous sisters wrote in to share their individual body shape dilemmas with us, which fashion expert Genny Iannucci helped solve.

Joanne’s Challenges

Joanne's fuller bustline makes it challenging to find tops and jackets that fit her properly through the bust and shoulder area.

Body Shape Dilemmas: Joanne

Genny's Tips
  1. Fluid, softer fabrics flatter a fuller bustline. Stiff fabrics add bulk.
  2. Look for items that fall straight off the fullest part of your bust rather than wrap around it.  Items that wrap around your bust will make you look fuller.
  3. Jackets with a single row of buttons and narrow or no collars work best for a large bust.
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Casual: jacket and skirt, Laura Petites; blouse, Sears; shoes and handbag, Hudson's Bay
Dressy: dress, necklace and bracelet, Hudson's Bay; shoes, Sears; clutch, Aldo

Vicky’s Challenges

Vicky is fuller through the hips compared to the bust area, and finds it challenging to find pants and skirts that flatter her shape.

Body Shape Dilemmas: Vicky

Genny's Tips
  1. Look for pants that fall straight off the hips and do not hug the knee and ankle (you want a bit of room at the knee and ankle). Modified skinnies, straight cuts and boot cuts all work well for Vicky.
  2. Pants in a softer or fluid hand with stretch are ideal.
  3. Create figure balance by adding texture, neckline details, pattern and lighter/brighter colours in the upper torso.
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Casual: poncho, blouse, necklace, Suzy Shier; pants, Laura Petites; boots, Hudson's Bay; handbag, Sears
Dressy: jacket, tank, skirt, Laura Petites; shoes and chain belt, Hudson's Bay; clutch, Aldo

Chantal’s Challenges

At 4'11 Chantal finds that most clothing items are too long and the proportions within the garment do not fit (the waist sits too low, or the darts too low). She would like to create visual length through her frame and look taller.

Body Shape Dilemmas: Vicky

Genny's Tips
  1. Anyone 5'4 and under should seek petite proportioned clothing that has been cut to fit and flatter a petite frame.   
  2. Create length by strategic placement of colour and pattern: When mixing colours, wear lighter colours on top, darker on the bottom. The eye will always go to the lighter colour first.
  3. When mixing patterned pieces with solid pieces, wear the patterned piece on top to draw focus and attention to the upper torso.
  4. Wear pants as long as possible and team with booties in the same colour as the pant to avoid colour breaks at the ankle.
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Casual: jacket, pant, top and clutch, Laura Petites; boots, Hudson's Bay
Dressy: dress, earrings and bracelet, Laura Petites; clutch, Melanie Lyne; shoes, Le Chateau

All of these clothes are from Erin Mills Town Centre, who generously gifted each sister with a $500 gift card!


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