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Does Mayo Really Soften Hair? 6 Beauty Myths Busted!


From hair-thickening mayonnaise to pimple-zapping toothpaste, learn the truth behind some common beauty myths from beauty expert Bahar Niramwalla


Myth #1: Toothpaste helps to shrink and zap pimples.

True and false — Technically, there are ingredients in most toothpastes that could shrink the oil in a pimple. However, there are numerous other ingredients like surfactants and irritants and fragrances that will cause other issues to pop up, pun intended. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are ingredients to look for to help clear and prevent acne, breakouts and pop-up pimples.

Myth #2: If you use wax to remove body hair, fewer hairs will grow back.

True — While this is technically true, waxing versus shaving causes the hair to be ripped out from it's base, the follicle, which is damaging over time. Now, overt ime, damaging the follicle could potentially traumatize the follicle to the point of never growing hair again BUT that would take many years and isn't necessarily worth the effort if you're waxing to reduce hair in general. Waxing is best for those who hate shaving and want something that will leave the skin smoother for longer.

And also, those who are fine with inflicting the pain on themselves.

Myth #3:  Hemorrhoid creams deflate puffy eyes.

True — Technically, there are vasoconstrictors in these creams which, as the Latin suggests, constrict veins and vessels but, that doesn't mean we should be using them near our sensitive and delicate eye areas. These creams contain other ingredient that are extremely drying, irritating and could potentially cause major trouble if it creeps into the eyes. You're better off using hydrating tricks like cucumber slices on the eyes or even ice cubes or iced spoons those will reduce swelling due to inflammation as well as dehydration.

Myth #4: Steaming the face opens your pores.

False — Pores are the size they are cannot be "opened" or "closed" with steam, creams or any other magical tool, as of right now.

What steaming the face does is simply allow the dirt, oil and debris inside the pore to loosen, making it easier to clean them out. Truth be told, there is no way to make your pores smaller other than using makeup as an illusion to conceal the size of pores. Pores can, however, overtime, stretch and become looser overall, as our skin ages.

Myth #5: Crossing your legs produces unsightly spider veins.

False — Turns out that standing may be the culprit! More often than not, you may have a genetic predisposition to these veins and no matter how you sit, walk stand or bend, they will develop. But some people will develop these if they have standing jobs as standing makes the vascular network work extra hard to pump blood up to the heart. When the vessels aren't functioning properly, the blood sits and settles into the area, and can result in visible veins

Myth #6: Mayonnaise is an excellent softening hair treatment.

False — The ingredients in a store bought mayonnaise will probably contain other chemicals and preservatives you do not want on your hair. Also, who wants to smell like Mayo? However, this could be true if you used mayonnaise in its deconstructed form!

  • Olive oil — Nourishing and so healthy for the scalp and hair
  • Egg — Proteins and fatty acids among other factors make eggs great for hair health
  • Vinegar — apple cider vinegar mixed with water makes for a great after shampoo rinse to reduce product build-up and give your hair a boost of shine


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