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Awesome Accessories

It's all about statement pieces right now, and as stylist Tara Williams demonstrates, even the smallest accessory can have a big impact. Want proof? Check out the bevy of bold baubles she's got her eye on this season.

Embellished Belts


Above, at left, from top: Suzy Roher woven belt, Holt Renfrew; Sabin studded belt, Brave Leather; two-tone belt, Winners, Sorto skull belt, Brave Leather.

Above, centre, from top: blue and gold belt, stylist's own; neon-accented belt, Winners; Bow skinny belt and Deeda turquoise belt, Brave Leather.

Above, at right, from top: Perri rope belt, Brave Leather; Suzy Roher metal-accented belt, Holt Renfrew; Sherlena belt, Brave Leather; snakeskin and gold belt, Holt Renfrew; Deeda PS cork belt, Brave Leather.

Unique Necklaces


Above, from left to right: Maryam Keyhani feather necklace, Holt Renfrew; turquoise floral necklace and beaded tribal necklace, Winners; Zahara bib necklace, Stella & Dot; Asymmetric circle necklace, Liel and Lentz; Nicoletta Cei short necklace, Rue Pigalle; Rio triple-strand coin necklace, Stella & Dot; Noritamy brass and gold short necklace, Rue Pigalle; pearl cluster necklace, Winners; Stack yellow necklace and Suede tassel purple necklace, C'est Jol!.

Eye-Catching Earrings


Above, from left to right: crystal waterfall earrings, Winners; Nicoletta Cei horn, malachite and crystal earrings, Rue Pigalle; pink and purple chandelier earrings, Winners; Serenity stone drop earrings, Stella & Dot; crystal-circles hoops, Winners; fringe drop earrings and emerald green gemstone earrings, Holt Renfrew; yellow floral-shaped earrings, Winners; granite pearl-drop earrings and gold, black and aquamarine stone earrings, Rue Pigalle; pink and blue iridescent gemstone earrings, Holt Renfrew; Francoise Montague cluster clip-on earrings and Nicoletta Cei aquamarine, purple horn and citrine earrings, Rue Pigalle; Large Circle earrings, Liel and Lentz.


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