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Best and Worst From This Awards Season’s Red Carpets

Another memorable awards season has come to an end in Hollywood! Our panel of experts consisting of fashion journalist Jeanne Beker, CBC Arts and Entertainment reporter Eli Glasner and our lifestyle expert Andrea Bain dishes on the best and worst fashion moments.




Emma Stone At The Golden Globes

JEANNE: She can do no wrong. She took some heat for this… but this was an outfit that made a statement and that’s what I want to see on a red carpet.

ANDREA: It was youthful and perfect outfit for this particular red carpet. This at the Oscars or Emmys would have been weird but she nailed it here!

ELI: I like the simplicity and I like the jeweling on the top but I was wondering if that was a cape.

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Julianne Moore At The Golden Globes

JEANNE: This was beautiful, it’s not the type of dress I would give a nod to but for some reason she really carried it.

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Lady Gaga At The Academy Awards

JEANNE: OMG! I’ve got to get a pair of those dish washing gloves!

ANDREA: She kept saying it took her designer two months (to make). I think he wasted two months.

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Lupita Nyong’o At The Golden Globes

JEANNE: This was just TOO much! She looked like a walking lilac garden.

ANDREA: There is a tree that looks exactly like that in Queen Elizabeth’s garden and that’s where it should stay.

ELI: Last year every time she hit the carpet, she was flawless with those bold colours just perfect with her completion. Now you see the same thread where there are still colours and amusing choices but I think the complexity muddies the view.

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Lana Del Rey At The Golden Globes

ELI: Even by her face, you can tell she’s not amused. She looks like a bad Bond villain.

ANDREA: I don’t want to hate on her, she’s a beautiful woman but it’s so sad when you see a beautiful young artist make such a horrible choice on such an important carpet. She looks like Ariel (The Little Mermaid).

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Jennifer Lopez At The Golden Globes

ANDREA: This was another one of those dresses that did not translate well on television. The dress looked uncomfortable, there was boning popping out, her boobs looked squished and her hair looked messy. It was not the usual JLO we’re used to seeing who always nails the hair, makeup and dress.

JEANNE: She looks fierce. That’s attitude and when you’ve got that, you can get away with anything.

Chris: If I could be anyone woman in the world, it would be her. But this is a little too glamour superhero.

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Nicole Kidman At The Academy Awards

ANDREA: This took my breath away. I couldn’t believe it was her. This is a woman who has had some of the best red carpet moments at the Academy Awards in the history of fashion and this prom dress from the mall was like a kick to the teeth.

STEVEN: The bottom looks like it got caught on an escalator. 

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Margot Robbie At The Academy Awards

JEANNE: That piece that she’s wearing around her neck was originally made for The Duchess of Windsor back in the 30s, so there’s definitely a nod to the past there. This is a stellar look. We didn’t see a lot of black on the Oscars red carpet but I thought she got it right.

ANDREA: I think she looks nice… but nice to be a guest at a wedding. For the red carpet at the Academy Awards, it was a little dull for me.

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Jennifer Aniston At The Academy Awards

ANDREA: It’s a sexy dress and I love the sheerness because it’s almost close to her post office. She’s giving you a little bit of danger without give you the whole show.

JEANNE: I thought the beading looked cheap. It looked like an old prom dress from ten years ago that they’re still trying to sell.

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Viola Davis At The Academy Awards

JEANNE: I kind of like this from the waist up but from the waist down it looks like too much drapery.

ANDREA: I saw this and thought, “Are you late for your wedding? Where’s your bouquet?” From the neck up, she looked great.

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Gwyneth Paltrow At The Academy Awards

CHRIS: I thought she looked beautiful. The dress looked good in motion but not in this picture.

JEANNE: People were saying she should do conscious uncoupling with that big rose on her shoulder.

ANDREA: She knows what works for her. When I saw her I thought, “There she is. Well put together from head to toe.”

:::Gwyneth Paltrow at the Academy Awards:::
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