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3 Bold Runway Makeup Trends Toned Down for Everyday


Runway looks can sometimes be bold, yet so inspiring. Beauty expert Bahar Niramwalla translates the intense runway makeup trends for every day.

Trend 1: High Impact Lips

Bold Lip trend

High impact lips means applying a strong, bold and rich in colour, especially reds, corals and fuchsia.
The key is not being completely perfect. The somewhat relaxed look fresh and youthful.

Get the Look:

1. Prep your lips with lip balm
2. Don’t bother with liner. This looks is meant to be imperfect.
3. Warm up the product on your hand before applying.
4. Use your finger to dab one light layer of the bold colour, creating a stain effect. Push the product in with your fingers.

Trend 2: Minimal Makeup (The Natural Look)

minimal makeup trend

This look is all about clean-looking, discreet and glowy-looking makeup.

Get the Look:

1. Use concealer to hide circles under the eyes, primer to even out the skin and keep oil at bay
2. Use brow colour in brush form or liner form, to frame the brows
3. The key to this look is highlighting discreetly, which makes the skin glow. Using a clear or tinted lip balm, place the product on the top of the cheek bones, the nose, and centre and you've got instant, glowing skin when your head turns.

Trend 3: Graphic and Smoky Eye Liner

Graphic liner was big on the runway this season. Here’s an easy, everyday take on the dramatic smoky eye look — perfect for a night on the town or toned down for daytime wear

Get the Look:

1. Use black, greys and even browns
2. Take out your soft pencils, cream and powder eye shadows or a combination of all three.
3. Messy is okay with this look, as it's more carefree and can even be worn during the day.
4. Make sure you line the lower waterline to really get a high impact smoky eye.


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