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Summer Fashion Sale Must-Haves

Summer is on its way out, meaning you can capitalize on today's sales for next year's style!

Thrift Shopping Rules: 5 Tips for Scoring Great Finds

Simple ways to score some great finds at a thrift store without losing your mind!

The New Neutrals: Leopard Print, Cherry Red and More

Forget your basic black and mid-tone beige. Meet the new neutrals — bold prints and colours — and how you can pull them off!

From Flip Flops to Skinny Jeans: Are These Fashion Staples Making You Sick?

Trendy fashion staples carry some health risks, says Dr. Melissa Lem. From thong underwear to flip flops, know the risks!

5 Hot Weather Hair Tips

Learn how to tame your mane this summer with fuss-free, heat-proof hair tips.

Dangerous Fashion? Woman Suffers Nerve Damage from Skinny Jeans

An Australian woman was hospitalized for nerve damage after squatting for hours in skinny jeans.

5 Beauty Hacks to Survive Summer

Smart tips to stay comfortable and stylish during the hot summer months.

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