Preschool in Retirement Home Brings Joy to Residents and Kids

The connections forged between the very young and very old are profound for both generations.

How One Los Angeles Man is Taking the Issue of Homelessness into His Own Hands

It cost Elvis Summers $500 to make a small home on wheels for a homeless woman in his neighbourhood.

Myth Busting: Do You Really Understand How Your Brain Works?

Our brains are complex organs.Is what we've heard about our brains all wrong? Melissa Lem weighs in.

Ottawa Man’s Ad to Sell Shipping Container Home Goes Viral

Ottawa's Joseph Dupuis discovered tiny homes viral popularity with an ad for a home he constructed from 3 shipping containers.

5 Beauty Hacks to Survive Summer

Smart tips to stay comfortable and stylish during the hot summer months.

Tiny Home Community in Portland is Big on Minimalism

Simply Home Community, a group of tiny home enthusiasts came together and built a neighbourhood.

How to Safely Use Essential Oils for Your Body

Using essential oils can have strong influence on well being, as long as they're used appropriately.

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