‘Senior Moment’ or Early Dementia? Online Test Tells You When to Call Doctor

Baycrest helped develop Congniciti, an online brain health test aimed at detecting early dementia and Alzheimer's

Our Hearts With Nepal: How Canadians Can Help

How Canadians are helping after a devastating earthquake hit Nepal over the weekend, leaving more than 4,000 people dead.

Bruce Jenner and the Changing Conversation Around Gender

Bruce Jenner opened up Friday in a long-awaited televised interview about transitioning to a woman.

Police Officer Unselfishly Shares Lunch with Homeless Man

Lunch between a Washington state sheriff and a homeless man was captured and shared on Facebook. It has since gone viral.

School Bus Driver Bans Reading On Bus, Sparks Safety Debate

An 8-year-old girl in Quebec was told to stop reading on her school bus because the driver said it wasn’t safe.

Sheepdog Drives Tractor onto Highway

No sheep or humans were harmed in this canine misadventure.

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

As editor of Today's Bride for 35 years, Bettie Bradley knows a thing or two about glamorous wedding—for less!

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