Creating a Dream Board


Creating a dream board gives you the space and time to reflect on what you truly want without doubt or fear getting in the way. Plus, hanging it where you see it often keeps you focused on what matters most. This can actually draw these dreams toward you. So, why not make your own dream board? Here's how:

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Three Steps to Creating your Dream Board

1. Discovery: Look through at least eight different magazines or surf the Internet for pictures or words that you feel drawn to (even if you're not sure why) and cut them out.

2. Creation: Use a bristol board, a bulletin board or a scrapbook to post the items you've cut out.

3. Display: Put your dream board somewhere you'll see it everyday. Whenever you look at it, imagine what it would be like to experience the images in your life and notice how you feel (uplifted, excited, etc). Eventually, your mind will begin to accept the images as part of your life and you will start noticing opportunities to experience all that you pictured. It's very much like planting seeds and watching them grow!

TIP: Never seem to get around to making time for this type of activity? Consider hosting a dream board party; invite your friends to bring magazines, a poster board, scissors and glue and have fun creating together.

Magnetic board pictured supplied by Magnique.


Creating a Dream Board
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