Best Dad Jokes on the Internet

Did you ever have an eye-rolling moment while trying to keep from chuckling because your dad told the corniest joke out there? This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating the best “dad jokes” found on the internet that will make you shake your head and laugh out loud all at once.

Dorky Dad gives thumbs up.

1. From Reddit

Child: Dad, my computer can’t find the Wi-Fi printer anymore.

Dad: I renamed it Bob Marley, same password.

Child: Why Bob Marley?

Dad: Because it’s always jamming.

2. @baddadjokes on Twitter

3. Heineken’s #DadJokes Campaign from 2013

Heineken's #DadJokes Campaign. Joke says: Did you get a haircut? No, I got them all cut.

4. Our Own Chef (and Funny Man) Jonathan Collins

5. We Even Asked You on Facebook

Shirley from Facebook said her favourite dad joke was when her father would ask her to pull his finger.

Virginia from Facebook said she saw a father with a t-shirt that reads:

6. The Parenting Panel’s Chris Shulgan Shared His Favourite Dad Joke Comics

Read the hilarious comics here.

7. Even the CBC Homepage Told a Dad Joke

How to make a card for dad that totally rocks.

Get the CBC Kids’ Father’s Day craft here.

We'd love to hear your favourite Dad Joke! Post them in the comment section below.


Best Dad Jokes on the Internet
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