Beautiful Skin in Your 40s, 50s and 60s


Want to know the secret to beautiful skin in your 40s, 50s, and 60s? Makeup expert Christine Cho explains the changes we notice in our skin in each decade, and what products are best to keep our skin healthy as we age. Even if you're in your 20s or 30s, Christine also says it's never too early to start taking care of your skin!

How To Get Better Skin in Your 40s

What changes are we noticing?

  • Decreased radiance and visible dulling — Youthful skin tends to be radiant and bright. One sure way to improve radiance is to actively add oxygenation to skin cells topically through skincare.
  • Loss of moisture — No matter what your skin type, at this age, it's noticeably getting dryer. So when wearing makeup, make sure it adds hydration as well and also improves look of skin (and not accentuate lines or dryness). Switch to smoothing, hydrating, and brightening foundations.
  • Loss of elasticity and texture — Skin starts to sag and not be as "springy." You can test your elasticity by pressing your skin and seeing how quickly it bounces back.
  • Neglected skin on our neck and chest area — Our skin in that region is particularly thin and vulnerable to showing the effects of environmental damage and signs of aging. Make sure to moisturize and show love daily to the area.

Better skin in your 40s

What can we do (suggested products)?

  1. Guinot BiOxygene Face Cream
    It's a day cream with ProOxygen complex that protects skin from harmful effects of environment and pollution. It boosts cell oxygenation to restore radiance and provides long-lasting revitalizing moisture throughout the day.
  2. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow brightening makeup with SPF 25
    This is an oil-free foundation that provides natural looking coverage containing Oxygen Wow Hydrating Complex. It helps plump appearance of skin and protects against environmental stresses that dry skin. It also contains vitamins C & E to help prevent visible signs of aging.
  3. The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask
    This is a youth-enhancing formula for bouncier looking skin that retains memory shape and texture, to be left overnight as you sleep!
  4. Prevage Anti-Aging Neck and Decollete Firm & Repair Cream
    The neck and chest area has a thinner, more fragile skin structure that shows signs of aging, especially if unprotected. Stop signs of aging with this protein-restoring complex.

How To Get Better Skin in Your 50s

What changes are we noticing?

  • Rosacea (flushed cheeks and sensitive skin) — This is a common skin issue often triggered by hormonal changes (like menopause). There are products specifically designed to bring gentle relief and calm skin.
  • Eye area showing signs of aging — This specific area requires extra attention, If regular eye creams don't seem to be sinking in properly into dry skin, try adding an eye serum first before applying your eye cream. Serums in general boost skin condition and improve it rather than just maintaining it.
  • Requiring more than just regular skincare — This could mean regular visits to an esthetician, medical spas, enhancing procedures. There are also amazing technological advances now that allow you to have medical spa experiences and results at home

What can we do (suggested products)?

  1. Avene AntiRougeurs Relief Concentrate
    This product visibly reduces appearance of redness on specific rosacea-prone areas of face like the cheeks and sides of nose. It also minimizes swelling, the thermal spring water calms irritation, and the shea butter nourishes. It's alos hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, so its velvety smooth texture soothes even super sensitive skin.
  2. Tria Age-Defying Laser
    This hand-held cordless device uses the same FDA-cleared laser technology used by dermatologists. It's recommended by plastic surgeons to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture, and minimize discoloration in weeks. It also stimulates the skin's natural collagen regeneration process.
  3. Prevage Anti-Aging Eye Serum
    This serum is enhanced with Idebenone technology to transform delicate skin around eye with intense environmental protection. It minimizes appearance of crows feet, age spots, and fine lines. The serum targets even severe dark circles and puffiness so eyes appear brighter and more radiant. It's dermatologist tested and helps eye creams to be more efficient.

How To Get Better Skin in Your 60s

What changes are we noticing?

  • Thinner lips — Make sure you are always replenishing their moisture, and try drawing slightly on the outer edge of lips with a nude lip pencil and using a liquid lipstick product (in lip gloss form but with opaque coverage and staying power of a regular lipstick).

  • Dark spots / age spots on the hands — Don't forget about your hands! They often show wear and tear of time and signs of aging, as over time melanin clusters in skin's defence

  • Hydration is crucial — At this stage, it's time to make a major switch to ultra hydrating products that are significantly richer in texture and ingredients. Try creams, milks, and butters. Even eye makeup removers, body or hand creams come in butter forms that provide deep lasting hydration that doesn't evaporate quickly like water-based.

  • Instead of a regular foundation, try replacing with a hydrating tinted moisturizer

  • Replace highly foamy cleansers or drying gels with a cleansing milk and use a washcloth to remove makeup instead of water (which is quite drying and low in pH level compared to skin)

What can we do (suggested products)?

  1. Prevage Anti-Aging Targeted Skin Tone Corrector
    A good way to improve the appearance of dark spots in just 14 days. It contains proven skin brighteners Soy Ferulate-C with Idebenone — powerful antioxidants to restore even-toned younger looking skin.
  2. Trinitae Purifying Cleansing Milk
    This product is enriched with dead sea minerals, making it great for dry skin. It moves dirt and makeup safely and gently while leaving skin feeling moist and not dryer. It also contains glycerin and shea butter, grape seed extract, and other skin conditioning agents.
  3. Mereadesso All In One Tinted Moisturizer
    This moisturizer has four shades that can cover all skin tones. It balances out your skin tone for a natural finish that is sheer but buildable. It's moist and has a dewy finish. It's like a foundation but good for your skin because it has aloe, grape seed oil, and a bevy of nutrients to condition skin while evening it out for multitasking coverage.
  4. The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
    This is a good way to melt away impurities and remove stubborn eye makeup, lipstick, etc. It contains olive and fruit oils, shea butter, and sunflower seed extract. It's great to use with cotton swabs around the eyes and you'll feel no burning or discomfort or drying feeling. It's dermatologist tested and safe for sensitive eyes/skin or contact lens wearers.
  5. Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip waterproof lip liner pencil in 3C nude & Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge waterproof liquid lip color in 3 nude
    A soft easy glide pencil creates natural fuller edge while the liquid lipstick adds moisture. Plus, when you set everything with the clear lipstick setter, lasts all day for minimal reapplying.


Beautiful Skin in Your 40s, 50s and 60s
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