Big Fabulous Canadian Picnics

We celebrate Canada's diverse cultures and feature some delicious outdoor traditions from east to west!

Tasty Potato Salad Recipes to Try This Summer

No barbeque is complete without potato salad. Try one of these fresh recipes for your next party!

Foods that Pack More Nutritional Punch When Eaten Together

Registered Dietitian Sue Mah talks about food combinations that boost the nutritional value of your meals!

Waxy vs. Starchy Potatoes, Which One to Use?

Not all potatoes are alike. Here are tips for knowing when to use starchy or waxy potatoes when you cook.

The Dirty Secrets of Your Favourite Foods

Dr. Melissa Lem reveals why you may want to think before you eat some of your favourite foods.

Healthy Eating on the Go

Need new ideas for quick, portable and healthy meal options?

Natural, Pesticide-Free Methods for Battling Garden Pests

There are plenty of ways to successfully manage pests and disease in your garden without using pesticides.

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