Tiny Home Community in Portland is Big on Minimalism

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It’s 14.5 feet long by eight feet wide. It has a fold-out, raised bed at the back of the house and at the front of the galley-like layout, a tiny bathroom with equally tiny shower and even a bucket compost toilet. What is it exactly? It’s the Lucky Penny, one of four tiny homes in a small-home community in Portland, Oregon.

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The community, called Simply Home Community, is built by a group of tiny-home enthusiasts who were looking for somewhere to build their collective set of residences. Together, the community is made up of four tiny homes, a larger 1,450-square foot home and a green space/backyard area which is about 1/3 of an acre.

Since the small home is about the size of your average suburban bedroom, the group turns to the larger home for tasks such as laundry, cooking, washroom facilities and even a guest bedroom for overnighting friends and family.

But with this community, it’s about more than just putting a few small living spaces side by side. Together the collective works on the grounds on Sundays — mowing the lawn, tending to the community garden and more. Also key are regular community meals, meetings and game nights so the group stays connected. Though staying connected still requires rules though and members of the community must agree first to the Community Living Agreement created for Simply Home.

Like the Llano Exit Strategy, this community was created thanks to a few intersecting trends — many people are becoming more interested in a minimalist, clutter-free style of living. And at the same time, interest in small, uniquely built homes is also on the rise.


And unique is key. The 100.3 square foot home the Lucky Penny for example is designed by Lina Menard, a small home designer and consultant with Niche Consulting LLC, and the home is stacked with clever uses of design and space. Along with the galley-like set up, the home—inspired, says Menard who lives in the space, by Vardos, those traditional horse-drawn wagons or caravans used by British Romanis as homes — features a Tansu, or a Japanese storage chest which not only provides plenty of drawers for putting things away in, but a set of stairs which double as shelves.

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Table space is created by putting a cutting board on a pull out drawer and setting up stools. And the mud room at the front of the house has what Menard calls quintuple duty: it’s home to the bathtub, shower and toilet and storage space. And aesthetically, Menard added some unique design touches to ensure the home doesn’t feel small — the mudroom opens up to a higher ceiling for example, giving visitors a feeling of opening up into a larger space. She’s also built in plenty of windows, including a series of skylights above, which help to not only shower but highlight Menard’s clever space in natural light.


lucky penny tiny house exterior

Photos Credit: Tiny House Giant Journey

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Tiny Home Community in Portland is Big on Minimalism
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