What's the most important design element in any home? For interior decorators and style experts Chris Hyndman and Steven Sabados, it's the people who live there.

Since 1992, the year they founded their design company The Sabados Group, the guys have helped thousands of clients and millions of viewers discover new ways of making their homes and their lives more comfortable, stylish and positive.

Steven and Chris hosted a string of successful shows, including their 2001 debut Designer Guys, 2003's Design Rivals, and 2005's personal makeover show So Chic with Steven and Chris, before launching Steven and Chris on CBC in 2008. Their programs have garnered international attention, airing in over eighty countries.

Not only does this dynamic duo have their own home décor line, Steven and Chris, they've also written the design and renovation guide Designer Guys: Finding Your Personal Style, and they've expanded further into the lifestyle market with their Trend Wine Collection.

And they've done it all with a simple philosophy: uncover your personal style and fantastic things will happen.

Whether the subject is home décor, health, beauty, cooking, relationships, finance or entertaining, Steven and Chris want to help you add some fabulous to your life!


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