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Zero Dollar Holiday Wrapping


Out of holiday gift wrap? Don't fret! Here are three beautiful ideas to wrap your gifts using items lying around the house.

Map or Newspaper Gift Bags

Map or Newspaper Giftbags

  1. Take a box and wrap only one side of it with a map or newspaper as if you were wrapping it up as a gift. Glue or tape all edges together.
  2. Slide the box out of the wrapping.
  3. Fold down the tops of the unwrapped side.
  4. Place a sticker on the side to reinforce where the handles will go.
  5. Hole punch through the paper and sticker to make holes for the handle.
  6. Use string or ribbon to create handles.

Homemade Crackers

Homemade Crackers

  1. Use any old wrapping paper or wallpaper you have lying around the house.
  2. Take a chip tube and fill it with a gift or candy.
  3. Cut your paper as outlined in a cracker template. Here's a great one that we love from Bird's Cards.
  4. Finish off the cracker with some fun ribbons to tie the ends together.

Stencil and Spray Boxes

Stencil and Spray Boxes

  1. Take some cardboard boxes that you have lying around and flatten them.
  2. Then use different coloured spray paint and stencils to decorate them with fun patterns, letters and numbers.
  3. Cover the box in as many designs as you like. Feel free to use a variety of colours and overlap the patterns. There are no rules with this one!
  4. Once the paint is dry, assemble the box and complete the look by decorating with twine or coloured string.


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